Label filer problem


I have a label filter setup to show empty folders - Type set to Match Folders Only And Size Match Is equal to 0 Bytes

Works apart from it opus isnt turning the label off once the folder is empty. Ive even tried turning off the label and still opus shows the folder with conditions ive set in the label(diff color icon)
Ive tried a folder size(ctrl L) then refreshed the lister

EDIT Works apart from it opus isnt turning the label off when the folder ISNT empty.

When the folder isn't empty but things inside are of 0 bytes size the filter will still trigger. AFAIK there is currently no way to specify in the filter that folder must contain zero items.
This is not a bug, but it indicates that GPSoft should implement file count and subfolder count filter rules so that we can make/have proper filter for empty folders.

@GPSoft: consider this a feature request :slight_smile:

Where does this obsession with empty folders come from, out of interest?

I can understand needing to find them in special circumstances, but needing to have them highlighted at all times seems strange to me. Yet several people seem to want this, so I must be missing something.

solved please del thread

Other people may have the same question and be interested in the solution, so I am not going to delete the thread. That would just be confusing to anyone else interested in and watching the thread.

My reason for wanting to easily see empty folders is house keeping. The reason the filter was failing for me was I had another filter that set similars icons changes, but looked for other conditions(face palms!) Being able to look for 0 byte files in folders would be useful and would save me a step in my "cleaning routines"

EDIT Unless im missing something Dopus knows when folders are empty(CTRL-L folder size) Why not make this available in filters?

OCD housekeeping... I suffer from this as well :smiley:

For me it's the way i work with files. I use folders a lot, which are named by the current date. They hold new items, that got to be either prozessed or distributed.
That leads to amounts of empty folders in the process, which would have no purpose then. So, i guess, it very much depends on how the users organize their work.
Last not least, it's those tiny "extras", we have by using Opus, which aren't most basic, but make the difference. & yeah, it also might be some maybe 30% of OCD, too. :wink:

The problem is that it's quite expensive to look inside all the visible folders to check if they are empty all the time, when you only need that info sometimes (and can get it on-demand via ctrl+l, which is what I do when I'm cleaning up empty folders).

This becomes especially true on FTP sites and slow network drives, optical drives, etc.

Hmm, I wonder if we need a way to disable complex label filters on FTP sites etc. as this isn't the only type you'd want to avoid on them.

snds like a command to turn on/off filter of choice with option to disregard non local drives would be excellent.

That exists already, from Opus 11 beta 1. Search for Set ENABLELABELFILTER in the release notes. (Also note that you can tie label filters to folder formats, to have specific filters in specific folders/tabs/styles/etc.)

thx 4 the info, will have a play with that

We have a command to turn folder size calculation on off and one for label filters. So why not put empty folder detection into filter labels?