Label filter: 1hr file modified vs. 2hr or 1 week file modified


I currently have a label filter set to color files green that have been modified "within 1 Hr." I want to create a couple more label filters that highlight files that have been modified within 1 day and also 1 week. I noticed that when I do create a label filter for the 1 day and 1 week modification; one of the label filters actually overrides the others; in this case the 1 day filter will override the 1hr filter.

Is possible to create a filter that allows opus to look at the modification window of time for a specific file; ie 1hr vs 2hr vs 1 week?

Thank you.

Label Filters can be moved up and down the list in Preferences to decide which is checked first. Select one of them and then use the up/down buttons above the list. You'll probably also want to turn on the Stop on match checkbox for each one (bottom-left corner of the Label Filter editor after you double-click one of them).

(Alternatively, you can make each label mutually exclusive by adding rules like "modified within 1 week but not within 1 day".)

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Thanks for the input. If I understand you correctly, it seems like I would need to specify in each label filter to "not match" each other successive label filter? See screenshot below.

A filter that tests for "within one week" will match a file that's "within one day", but as Leo said, you can change the order of the filters so that the "within one day" is tested first.

Thanks for the clarification. I think I get the stacking order concept. I switched the 1 Week and 1 Day filters and it seems like the 1 week filter still overrides the 1 day filter. I'll have to play around with it a bit more.