Label filter by "Movies" category columns

In the Label Filter definitions, Opus offers Music and Image categories for example, but there is no Movies category.



^ there's no "Movies" offered?

^ expected

(I'm trying to have video files with "DivX" Video Codec marked red)

We'll add this ability in the next update.


Thanks for adding it!

I have to report however, it seems that these Columns and the Label Filters don't reuse the same data when enabled simultaneously: for example when I have the FOURCC Column enabled and also the Label Filter which filters against the same criteria (FOURCC), the speed of the FOURCC Column being populated AND the FOURCC Label Filter coloring is decreased significantly (in my case FOURCC Label Filter rule is Movie -> Match -> FOURCC code -> D* (so that it matches things like "DIVX", "DX50", "DIV3", "DVX4" etc. variants).

It seems that the FOURCC Label Filter takes precedence and is blocking any updates of the FOURCC Column until the Label Filter goes through the files in view. This results in a ~5 second delay for the Column to begin updating (for each page/scroll of files in view).

We'll improve this in the next update.

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