Label Filter with Folder Format - using Evaluators


I wonder if those new evaluators will solve this situation below?

I've set up a label filter and using it within a folder format, like

This leads to colorized folder names, when their content has been changed within - 1 week of course, e.g.

But there remains a simple but annoying issue: If the main folder has got sub folders and one of them has been modified, e.g. a new file has been copied into any of its sub folder, the main folder won't be labelled.

Hence my question about evaluators, can those solve this issue above in any way?


You can use a Folder Contents clause to match items within a sub-folder, but it'll only go down one level.

I don't think there is a way to make a recursive filter (i.e. that matches any parent directory no matter how many levels are between it and the things that really matches).

Sorry for my ignorance, where can I find the Folder Content clause, or better asked: is it part of this window here?

It would be sufficient for me, if the filter "looks down" only one level, so basically the final label should be set if one of the sub folders below the root has been modified.

root folder
| -- sub folder 1
| -- sub folder 2
|-- ...

Folder Content is in the same list/column as Name, Attributes and Date in your example.

That's why I asked :laughing:, couldn't find it there

Those screenshots are of Opus 12, you'd need to use Opus 13 to use the new features of Opus 13 :slight_smile:

YES, that's it!

Of course I've asked in DO13 forum, mainly because of those evaluators. I wasn't aware that Leo assumed I'm already using DO13 :smile:

OK, I will update to beta DO13 and check again. Thanks!