Label Precedence

I have been liberally using the Labels feature in DO Pro 12.28. Since I upgraded to the Pro version I now have a question: If I have created labels for my various script files (PS, VBS, JS, AHK) but I also wanted to leverage a label filter to highlight files I edited in the past 3 days, how do I get the filter label to apply first?

You can move labels up and down to adjust their priority, but only within each section. Label filters are slower to evaluate and done in the background, so they'll always have lower priority than other types of labels.

But as long as your other labels do not have "stop on match" turned on, you can have files match and combine both labels together, provided they modify different attributes. For example, one might change the text color while another changes the background or icon color, each to highlight different things.

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Thank you for clarifying Leo. After altering the filter Label to only change the color of the icon and background color I was able to get the effect I was looking for.

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