@label with evaluator and {fileshort}

I've been trying to replicate the functionality of the Directory Opus Archives > Extract to name
context menu, where name is replaced with the short name for the currently selected file. I found it odd that this command wasn't included in the Archive Files button of the Operations toolbar. But I found the operation for that, which is:

ContextMenu VERB="extractsub" LOOKUP

What I'm trying to do now is set the label dynamically to the value of the {fileshort} argument, but the solution eludes me. For example, preceding the above with these commands triggers an error because fn is an unknown value:

@label:="Extract to " + fn

I've tried a lot of variations, with and without @eval. Embedding {fileshort} inside the @label string doesn't work. Concatenating it doesn't work. Quoting it doesn't work.

I'm stumped! Help!

Where are you aiming to place it? Toolbar button labels aren't normally refreshed when the selection changes so it wouldn't normally work or make sense to have them display the name of a selected file.

The command is in the Operations toolbar, called Extract to Folders, and it runs:


I had tried copy EXTRACT=sub but it went to the destination folder. I didn't notice the HERE argument. Thank your for that!

Ok, I'll switch to that command. Now, is there a way to dynamically change the button label so it includes the stem name of the file, which will become the new folder with the extracted content? That's what the context menu Archive option does.

Thinking about your point that toolbar button labels aren't refreshed when the selection changes, I can see now why the context menu can dynamically change the label (it's loaded on the right click event) but the toolbar button can't.

Ah well. Not a big deal. I just need to label the button appropriately.

Incidentally, the reason I wanted to add this capability to the Archive toolbar button is because I had at some point used the context menu feature to extract files to a like named folder in the source lister but then today I reached for the toolbar button instead and mistakenly selected Extract to Folders. This polluted the directory will all the subfolders and files in the archive -- much to my chagrin! That's when it dawned on my that the context menu had options the toolbar button doesn't.

In 13.5.1 we'll add a "selpath" value for the evaluator in this context, which will give you the name of the selected (focused) file. However due to the limitations Leo mentioned it will only be reliable if used in a context or dropdown menu.

You guys are awesome!

Point of clarification. I've added a button as a menu item in the Directory Opus Archives button on the Operation's toolbar. I'll have selected a file and then will click the toolbar button. It's at that point I'd want this new menu item to change its label.

Would @label:=selpath work in this scenario? Is that considered a drop-down menu?

P.S. I'm loving v13. You've done an amazing job. And your support has been outstanding!