Labeling certain HDD's will result in a hard crash/BSOD

Latest version of Windows 10 and Dopus. Was going through and labelling things in Dopus. I wanted to colorcode my external storages for ease of sight and it worked fine for one, fired a UAC prompt for the C drive (which I declined and it still worked) and for the third (I think "Data" in the below) it resulted in a hard crash:


All the dopus logs are empty of this event

User-level processes like Opus cannot BSOD the machine. For it to BSOD, especially when all that happened was a user-level process asked the OS to rename a drive, the problem must be in the OS or in something that runs at a low level like antivirus or hardware/filesystem drivers.

You may see the same issue if you rename the same drive (to the same thing) using other software as well, unless it's antivirus treating different processes differently and crashing in one when it tries to block the action (which is possible).

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