Labels and Status

I've just discovered the Labels and Status options.

With the Status, are they supposed to be permanently displayed when applied? When I add a status, they are removed when I leave the folder and then return to it.

Is it possible to add more labels colours in the future? Say 20!

You can make the Status column always displayed in some or all folders, in the same way as you would any other column: Folder Formats: Quick Guide

You can add as many labels/colors/icons as you want under Preferences / Favorites & Recent / Label Definitions.

Thanks Leo.

Is it possible to put the labels in sub folders. I can see the area getting overcrowded quickly.

How to I assign a specific icon to all .exe files in a folder and all of it's sub folders?

You can assign each label to a Category, and then edit the toolbars/menus to display each category as a separate list.

This is actually how the Labels and Status Icons menus work already. They're really all labels, with the Status Icons in a separate category which is shown in one menu and filtered out of the other menu.

You could use a Label Filter for that. They can be created via Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments.

I don't understand how I do that!

I've assigned a label to a specific file path and for the file name I entered .exe but it didn't work.
I should of mentioned that I want this done automatically.!Documents/Editing_the_Toolbar.htm

Path labels target specific files/paths, and aren't what you want.

For all exe files everywhere, you'd want a wildcard label, which is created in the same place, and set the wildcard to *.exe

For exe files only in specific folders, you'd wand a label filter, also created in the same place, which uses rules to say only *.exe files and only when their locations are under a specific folder. Or it could use a wildcard on the Full Path, if that's easier.

(There's also the option of using a simple *.exe wildcard filter, and saving the label into the folder's Folder Format instead of globally, which is a bit more efficient. I use that to highlight *.exe files in and below my downloads folder.)

Sorry for dragging up an old thread but I want to put the labels into sub folders.

I just don't understand on how to do it with the info I have been provided with.

Is there a "dummies guide" for doing this? :crazy_face:

If you have labels like this

you can make a button like this

Properties SETLABEL !menu LABELCATEGORY=MyCoolStuff

that will look like this when clicked:

2023-03-13 - 17.26.34

As Leo pointed out, a category is the only "folder" there is. More levels would probably be too confusing and impractical anyway.


Thanks Lxp.

That worked but how do I get the folders into the context menu when I right click on a file? I really do need a folder and sub folders.

Via the File Types editor. You can add as many items as you wish and organize them in menus.

This entry

will give you this context menu

I managed to get it to work.

I don't know how to add a sub-menu!

Thanks that worked.

One last thing. I now have the labels in a folder and sub folder but I still have the original labels in the main context menu. How do I remove them without mucking up the folders I just created?

Select and delete them.

But that deletes both labels.

Seems I misunderstood. Could you share a screenshot or something similar?

Delete the labels circled.

That is a single entry Properties SETLABEL that shows all without menus. Find and delete it and you should be ok. Or, if you want to keep the colors, adjust it like the other items.


Thank you so much.

It's much appreciated.