Labels: File names vs. everything else

  1. Labels not being what you expect them to be:

    What do you have under these pages?:

    • Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Labels
    • Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Label Assignments
  2. Alt-4 hotkey:

    I don't think alt-4 was ever part of the default configuration. If you tell us what alt-4 used to do, we should be able to tell you how to re-create a button or hotkey to do the same thing.

    If the issue is you've upgraded from Opus 11 to Opus 12 and now have the default toolbars instead of customized ones, see Your Old Toolbars Are Still There After You Upgrade for how to get them back, if you want them back.

Additionally to what Leo said above, it looks like you have a Text color specified for Preferences / Display / Fields / Current sort field that's overriding all other colors (including the label color) for the column the list is sorted by.

You can test this quickly by clicking one of the other column headers to change the sort column, and see if that makes the text color change for that column too.

If that's the case, you need to set the Text color setting to Transparent (no color) to fix it.

The "alt-4" refers to a separate key assignment I had until... 3 weeks ago.... poof.... gone... no way back to it...

Not referring to anything already set in the app....

Thise issue finally came down to using a label/status color for a file changes everything BUT the file's name, which obviates the purpose of having this particular type of label; files which have been edited and completed....

But, as it turns out, there is an almost-unnoticed setting "Custom color and font settings enabled" which is attached to Preferences> Display> Field (I never would have found it I hadn't let myself just search using the word type)

Disabling this setting brings back the label/status color to the file name, and all is as it is needed to be. But it was one hell of search to track this one down....

Exactly as Jon said above.

You probably did notice that "almost-unnoticed setting" before as it is not on by default, or at least has not been for many years. (Or it may have been inherited from an old config migrated from many versions ago, or if you loaded someone else's config that they had shared, in which case you never know what changes it will make.)