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Labels & Unselected Text Font Colour

Favourites and Recent > Labels > Unselected Text colour

does not seem to work or is unable to override the text colour selected in

Display > Colours & Fonts > Files & Folders

It definitely works. Can you post some screenshots of how the colours and labels are set up, and the results in the file display?

Are any of the other label colors having an effect? If not, are you sure the label has been applied to the file/folder you're looking at?

Selected colour works bueno

Unselected is no bueno

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If you turn on the General > Label column, what does it show for that file? Is it just the Bueno label, or is there a second label also attached to it?

There is no second label - it's just the Bueno label

Would it be possible to send us a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) via private message?

If needed, you can rename the .ocb backup file to .zip to see which details are inside it and remove anything that is sensitive and not relevant (e.g. FTP site details/passwords).

Thanks for sending the config.

The problem is happening because all the individual columns have their colors overridden as well, and those take priority.

In particular the Filename column is set to always use blue text:

If you turn that setting off, everything should work as you want.

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Thanks Leo!