Lack of options from "Tools" (and other?) menus

My "Tools" menu, and presumably other menus don;t seem to ahve all the options/buttons they should. I assume I jsut have all those that were present in 8 and after upgrading to 9 just kept those and no new ones. I think I'm missing some based on the flash video demostrating how to upload images to imageshack very easily. I would have thought if it was a custom menu or button he would have stated how to reproduce it. Where can i get hold of the standard ListerMenu toolbar?

The tools menu seen in my Opus 9 guide is non-standard. Most of the things in it are standard commands that you can drag from Customize to your menus if you want them, though.

Let me know if you want any of the buttons posted and I'll put them up.

I should have realised... It is indeed in in the Customize section, thanks for the help. Most obvious place to look and I didn't check. :open_mouth: The rest that look of interest also seme to be in there too, thanks anyway.

nudel. Your layout looks great. I am newbie here but i was wondering is there an easy way to copy what you have in the screen shot exactly? To break it down...

  1. Love the icons in the tools menu. Can I just use your menu icon layout or do I have to individually add an icon one at a time to every choice in the drop down menu?

  2. I like how you add more choices in the "Tools" such as the pop out "Other" menu. Can I get a copy of your tools bars?

  3. Can you post your Backup Configuration file for OPUS 9. Since its now so easy to do? Note my "copy everything" trend =).

  4. Suggestion. Ask users to upload (maybe rename the screen shot forum to Screen Shots with Configuration) there backup configuration file for OPUS 9.

many thanks


If you find the commands in the Customize dialog's list of preset commands (almost all of the buttons in my tools menu are presets, though there are a couple of exceptions) and drag them to your menu, then they will have icons defined. (If you don't see the icons, edit the buttons and check the Show Image option.)

The default menus that ship with Opus don't have any of the icons defined (I'm talking to Jon about changing that as it turns out it isn't quite as simple as packaging a new .dop file) but the preset commands in the Customize dialog do have the icons.

I've attached my menu toolbar to this post if you want to use it. Keep in mind that it's missing some of the standard options (that I never use) and some things have been moved around a bit. A few commands won't work without external tools, too, but it'll generally work fine so use it if you want.

I'm thinking about uploading my full config but I'm in two minds about it. It isn't really generic since it has plenty of references to paths on my machine, and it seems like people would just be replacing one set of defaults with another instead of customizing the program how they want. But maybe I'll post it, with a note saying that parts of it won't work for obvious reasons.

To use the attached menu, unpack the zip file and then double-click the .dop file. (6.51 KB)

Just noticed a small error in my menu so I've replaced the attachment in the message above with a new version.

The previous one displayed a Ctrl-F hotkey for the Find... command but the hotkey wasn't actually defined so Ctrl-F did nothing. I fixed it.