Language pack messes up rename dialogs


Just updated to and also to spanish language 8.2.
Lamentably now the rename window has its options messed along the window, as probably text legth does not fill into its size.

Have to turn back to english to have it functional again.

By the way, "Last rename" should be translated as "Último renombrado" and not as "apellido" which stands in spanish for "surname" :wink:


From GPSoftware's download page:

 NOTE: The language packs for version 8.2 are being progressively translated and updated and, as of 12/10/05, some are yet incomplete. However they will allow you to use the new version 8.2 immediately. Please check at a future time for the final completed language packs.

Heard on kitchen! 8)

But ... [quote]However they will allow you to use the new version 8.2 immediately[/quote] is not completely true as it does not allow using mass renaming functions properly... :wink:

Note that on my post there two parts, one with a functional issue and another with a language translation issue ...


Can you contact me directly via email ( on the issues with the Spanish language library and send me some more details and I will take a look at what may be happening here.



I've just send you a screenshoot.


Ah OK. I saw that the other day when making changes for the next version and I've fixed that. See private email.


Just a note: Such issues should be submitted as a normal bug report direct to us (GPSoftware) not via this forum. The forum is for discussion and not for normal bug reports.