"Last Folder" (/Destination?) argument I can tack on the end of a "Copy Move To"

I'm want to create a command that simply repeats the last file Move I've made after I've made a new selection. I know about dual panes and tabs, but I want something that works when I'm casually moving a few files into the folder tree. I would think if DOPUS can undo commands it should remember the last path I've used.
I would have thought Ctrl + Y would repeat the last command.

Is this the same question you asked a few days ago? Way to repeat a move command to same destination

It's more like I didn't get an answer to my question there, but learned a lot anyway and one of the answers I did get led me to reading about the Copy Move To command and if this question gets me the right answer I believe I'll have a simple solution to the problem I was looking for.
BTW: Since you are a developer I should tell you I had been using a different file explore for a decade and I have many questions I'm looking for the answers to because I have an idea of what a file explore can do. I'm very, very happy with my switch, but have a lot of tweaks I'm wondering about.


Let’s keep everything in the other thread, else the information is going to be spread out in two different places, making it harder for other people to find (or know what’s already been suggested).

WKen, your screenshot doesn’t match the command you’re suggesting, which is going to confuse people. The blank “TO” argument also could cause problems, or does nothing at best.

I removed the link an hour ago, the link was in another thread.
Haven't seen a problem yet, I'll look at other approaches when I have time.