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LastPass support for password fields (specifically FTP sites)


I suspect this may be more of a question for the LastPass guys than you, but is there any way that you can enable the FTP quick connect field (and even the address book) to prompt for a password from a LastPass vault instead of having the passwords on the address book entry?


I'm not familiar with LastPass specifically but other password managers I've used have had the facility to automatically type passwords when you push a hotkey, using the window title (or other details) to work out which password is desired.

The Opus password prompts always include the site details in the window title for this reason.


KeePass FTW


LastPass is specifically a web-browser extension, so I doubt there is any way to get LastPass to work with DOpus.


I have actually discovered that LastPass does have a companion app that can be downloaded to Windows and allows you to access the vault, and have it train on applications to pre-fill passwords etc.

Unfortunately what it doesn't seem capable of doing is letting you train it on a window like the DOpus FTP Quick Connect window and then have it give you a list of passwords that could be filled in there.


What does it train on, if not the window title? Exe name or something like that?