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Latest Beta clicking on desktop not working



When I double click on the Desktop I don't get a lister opening like i did with the previous beta version...


Looks like your helper app is not loading.


( isn't a beta version, for what it's worth.)

If dopusrt.exe is not being started when the Desktop Double-Click option is turned on then it may be that an anti-virus program is blocking it from starting.


Dont quite know what happened - uninstalled the version of the app I had installed, completely deleted the folder from Program Files - reinstalled the latest beta and it all is back running again!

Sorry about messing with your time there!


No worries; glad it's working now!


on server 2008 not work in and betas 5.1-5.3? from usb version (icon/task and right maus work)
installation is not allowed


check with win server 2012 64 bit RC
installed works fine
usb, no doubleklick and context entry is missing!


The desktop context menu isn't and never has been modified by the USB version, as far as I know. Doing that requires installing a shell extension on the machine.

Support for Desktop double-click was only recently added to the USB version, and may require you to edit the config file that's put on the USB drive. It also won't be enabled until you launch Opus from the USB drive, and leave Opus running in the background. (I think it also only currently works when running the 64-bit version, too. Or maybe only when running the version which matches the bitness of the computer itself. It's still a somewhat experimental feature for USB mode.)