Launch directory opus from lightroom cc classic export

I can use an executable I choose to launch after lightroom classic cc exports photos. I used to use explorer.
I put in dopus.exe but it does not open the app after the export of files.
New to Directory opus and am trying it.

You'd normally need to specify the folder path when running the program, else it won't know which folder you want to open.

Are there instructions for this part of Lightroom? It may let you use %1 or a similar code to insert the path.

If you're using Opus Pro, Explorer Replacement would usually take care of things for you without needing to configure things, unless Lightroom is explicitly launching explorer.exe rather than the default file manager.

i didn't see anything about parameter passing but it does allow the use of explorer which just opens where files were exported and allows another program .exe to be chosen but does not open the file location after export.

If the Lightroom manual doesn't say how to pass the folder on the command line which Lightroom runs, you might need to ask Adobe for help with that. There must be a way, or having the setting at all would be pointless.

This setting in Lightroom works with Opus Explorer Replacement:


Well, works "Lightroom-style", meaning: depending on Lightroom's current mood :wink:

BTW: Lightroom has zero command-line support :frowning:

well , this is embarassing , it does work from lightroom classic cc export (I did replace explorer with DO) , just assumed it didn't send to DO , I am delighted and that alone I think has sold me on it.
thanks so much.

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