Launch DOpus on system startup vs multiple Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

With these DOpus startup settings, on Windows startup, DOpus is launched automatically with the content (tabs and folders) it had in the previous session.

But if two instances of DOpus are running in two different Windows 10 Virtual Desktops at system shutdown, these two instances are re-launched in the first VD at startup. Is there a setting that would allow to launch the 2nd instance in the VD it was running before shutdown?


I don’t think there is currently, but something like that is planned.

Is what follows a related issue?

When I switch between virtual desktops in Windows 10 it breaks the "desktop doubleclick" ability to launch DOpus.

If a toggle the feature off and on, it restores this option.

No issues here doing the same thing via Win+Tab or Ctrl+Win+Right Arrow / Right Arrow.