Launch Tab Groups in New Lister

I use tabs and tab groups extensively. Is it possible to launch a tab group in a new lister while leaving the current one "as is". I'm not seeing how this can be done.

Well, Go NEW TABGROUPLOAD=tabgroupname 'sort' of works... but it looks like there are two potential problems.

  1. if your default lister layout contains more than one folder tab, the command above loads the tabs from the default lister AS WELL AS those saved in the tab group...

  2. it doesn't seem to respect which tab is set as the 'active' tab.

I'll report both issues... but in the meantime, unless these things don't bother you, what you could do is just open the tab group in your current lister, and then save that lister as a custom 'Layout' - maybe with the same name as your tab group to keep it simple. You can then change your button to Prefs LAYOUT=layoutname .

The drawback is now you're maintaining equivilant 'layouts' for each of your 'tab groups'... but maybe these issues can be fixed sooner rather than later. In the meantime, it would be pretty easy to sort of automate the updating of these layouts if you make changes to your tab groups often.