Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement not visible in preferences

My Directory Opus (latest version) is missing the preference section Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement It was the imediately after install and i selected replace explorer but now a few days later the preference section is missing and when i doule click a file it does not open in opus it opens in wxplorer - Help Please?

Have you switched your trial to the Light mode? Explorer Replacement is only in the Pro version.

Hello Jon,
yes It looks like i have changed it to the light version. how and where do I change It back to pro?

Click on Help (on the right) > Licence Manager, then on the left of the window that opens there is an option to switch.

Hi Leo,
Apon further invetigation it appears i have bought the light version how do I upgrade that to pro?

Hi Leo,
my problem is solved i have found my pro certificate and installed it
thanks for your help!

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