Layout specific startup code?

Layout specific startup code?

Hopefully just a simple question: When I start a specific Opus layout, can a variable be initialized that is local to that layout, without requiring user input. In other words, when this happens:

  1. Start a new Opus LAYOUT="Opus Layout #1"
  2. @set lst:Opus_Layout_1=SET

This allows an open lister to have a set variable that can be used for conditional branching in a function (using the @ifset directive), allowing function behavior that can be customized to a layout type (example: Left double click + Alt behavior).

I'm pretty sure it can be done, just a matter of knowing the different scripting languages. (The more general question is can Opus implement layout specific startup code?).

If you're using Opus 11, it probably makes sense to use scripting (VBScript or JScript) for the conditional branching (since it will be much more flexible and powerful, and often easier, than using @ifset for branching).

In that case, scripts commands already have access to what you need in the Lister.layout value.