Layout Window Positioning difficulties

Hello everyone in directory opus land! I have stumbled across a slight issue creating layouts and having the Lister Windows appear in the same place as I intended to. I have a 35-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560x1080. I am attempting to create a Lister layout that has one Lister snapped to the right side of the screen and another Lister snapped the left, effectively covering the entire screen with two listers (both are not the same format - one is dual-pane and the other just a default view of my downloads folder). However, when I saved the layout and then open it again, the Lister Windows open with the default window size stacked one upon each other in the middle of the desktop. I have tried playing with several options and cannot seem to find any that make an impact on what I'm trying to achieve with this.

Does anyone out there have any pointers, tips, or suggestions regarding this window arrangement issue?

As always, thank you to Leo and all the other pros out there as well as everyone else in this great community for always being able to work together for everyone's benefit!

If you mean the snapping feature in Windows, where the OS positions things you drag to the far left or right of the screen, there is still no way for software to query remember that snapped state because Microsoft still have not exposed it via any API, at least to my knowledge.

If you position the windows in a similar place manually, it will work, on the other hand.

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Let me see if I can try that. Thank you, Leo