Layouts on System Tray Menu

I'd like to be able to select which Lister Layouts appear on the menu that pops up when you right-click Dopus' icon in the system tray.

You'll have to remove the generic "Saved Layouts" (Prefs LAYOUTLIST SHOWICONS) command from the menu and replace it with one command for each of the layouts you do want to appear.

The command for each layout will be:

Prefs LAYOUT="Moo Cow"

where Moo Cow is the name of the layout.

If you haven't edited the tray menu before, you do that via Customize / Context Menus.

Thanks. I'll do that.

It might be easier for users if a "Show Layout on Context Menu" checkbox was added to the Layout section of Preferences.

Well (and this is just 'my' opinion), the layouts are already there by default... so it's not like another option would give people something that they don't already have basic access to. If you want to tweak and customize then thats exactly what these internal functions let you do, and the forums are here to help tell people exactly how to do it if they haven't learned the product yet :slight_smile:. I think there are too many Preferences already, as well as a bit of settings and functional overlap.

If I have 20 layouts and want to see 14 of them on the layout menu, I shouldn't have to manually add 14 menu items. DOpus is all about making repetitive tasks easier.