Layouts will always open on main desktop (Win11)

Layouts opened via the desktop context menu or Win-E will always appear on the main desktop, even when a different virtual desktop is active.

Picking New Lister from the desktop's, task bar's, or tray's context menu will open a lister on the current desktop.

may be this??

Do the layouts have the "Restore each Lister to its original virtual desktop" option turned on?

Ah, yes, they do. Turning it off solved the situation.

Except when layouts are used with Go in buttons like




These will still open on the main desktop.

Hmm, they seem to open on the right desktop here - although a difference from the Prefs command is that it doesn't switch desktops automatically to show the new Lister.

Deleted by author - Sorry
More attention to detail was needed.

Note that Close Alllisters=collapse,unique brings all tabs to the focused desktop.
I think that this is a correct result, but I'm not a Dopus developer.

@lxp Yep, same on Win 10.
Sorry for the previous incorrect reply.