Left Folder Tree Pane hangs Dopus

I've recently had a problem with the the left pane/folder tree hanging when trying to expand a drive/branch. I have not been able to find any cause but the only solution that works so far is rebooting my PC.. .. restarting DOPUS itself does not seem to work. This is almost a once-a-day problem with the problem occurring anytime after the initial start of my PC to later in the day.

I recently upgraded my Norton Security/360 from Comcast from version 5 to 20 (they had a big jump) but never had a problem with version 5.

Is it only certain branches of the tree? Certain types of drives? Or folders that contain certain files (e.g. archive files, which get scanned by the tree and will also involve a virus scanner)?

Were you fully exiting Opus, and making sure dopus.exe was gone from Task Manager's process list, or just closing the window and re-opening it?

Try turning things off under Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents (expecially Zip files and other archives) to see if it's related to any particular type of tree item.

Yes, I fully closed/killed DOPUS (but not DOPUSRT).

From what I recall this almost always seems associatied with trying to expand the local drive (usually C) so it is not related to network or virtual drives as far as I know ... of course usually when I start DOPUS all the drives are collapsed in the folder tree to begin with.

I have few if any zip files on my C drive and never had a problem with them before with DOPUS so I doubt that is the problem. Restarting the PC has always (so far) solved the problem.

I wanted to add that the other issue that occurs when this happens is that right-clicking on a file/folder in the right pane and selecting properties fails to pop up the properties box/window. otherwise navigation thru the left pane seems ok.

You could try using Process Monitor to see what is being accessed when the tree is trying to expand.

Or try going back to a previous version of Opus, if the problem happened as soon as you installed the (but if started when you'd already been using for a while then it's probably not something that has changed within Opus).

The problem with the Properties command not working suggests something to do with shell extensions or anti-virus, and having just updated your antivirus to such a different version, that is what I'd suspect the most. (It could also be a shell extension that's installed by the new antivirus software, since they usually have one for scanning files via the context menu. ShellExView will let you see and disable shell extensions.)