Left-Mouse-Down + Right-Mouse-Click run a script

Using the mouse is more convenient than keyboard shortcuts, I want to customize a menu.

If you haven't already, take a look at https://www.strokesplus.net/

I use it to navigate DOpus everyday and it does have scripting capabilities.

I've been using strokesplus for a year or two, but I haven't learned its scripting capabilities. . .
It might be better to write using DOpus.

DOpus uses JScript, while StrokesPlus uses Javascript. To my understanding, JScript and JavaScript are very similar and have the same foundation.

That said, this might work:

  1. script your desired action in DOpus
  2. tie it to a key combination in DOpus
  3. tie a StrokesPlus gesture to that key combination

Thanks for your information, I tried it, StrokesPlus does not have the key combination of "Left-Mouse-Down + Right-Mouse-Click". . .
I think I can do it via AHK, but it might be better if DOpus supports it.