"Length" Column Header

Windows 7 Windows Explorer has a column named Length that is for the length of videos. I am unable to find a Dopus equivalent. Is there such a thing?


In the Movies category there's a Duration column.

The length field in WE shows how much of the movie "actually" got recorded. Duration show a blank field when I use it. I suspect its purpose is to say how long the program is "intended" to be.

I use the field to show the recorded length of Windows Media Center recordings. I've gone through all of the fields Dopus has and none show the "Length" of the actual recorded file that WE shows.

Is this maybe an oversight for Dopus?

Opus (nor any current plugins) may not understand the .WTV container format which might be why it won't show the information for those video files.

That said, Opus does show Description (which has the TV show's guide-data description), Recording Time and Broadcast Date for .WTV files so it does seem to be parsing the container format for at least some information. So maybe it is a bug. I'll open a bug report so it gets investigated.

Thanks Leo! You're a champ.