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Library disappears in folder tree after F5

Hi all,

Using Dopus for several years now, I always have the issue that the "Documents folder (C:\Users\username\OneDrive - Business) disappears in folder view after pressing F5". Please see the screenshot attached. I am using only one lister, no special modifications that I am aware of. Only found this article (Dopus 9 View, Folder Tree keeps disappearing) but that does not help.

I use version 11.19 x64 on Windows 10.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix this?


  • What does the green color indicate in your config?

    That might be a clue as to what's happening.

  • If you right-click the Documents library when it is showing in the tree, is the Show in Folder Tree option on or off?


  • The linked thread is a totally unrelated issue, where they were not sure how to make the folder tree appear at all.

  • The screenshot shows two Libraries: Documents and OneDrive. Where does C:\Users\username\OneDrive - Business come into things? Is that folder a member of either or both libraries?

  • Opus 11 predates various major changes to how OneDrive works in Windows 10, so if you're using Windows 10 and OneDrive, I'd recommend upgrading to the latest version of Opus 12.

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the quick reply, to your points:

  • Was not exactly sure which green color you mean, but I guess you mean the color of the folder name. It is a bit odd, as the original coloring that I use was as follows, no light green available:
    Where the first line originally resemble the error-nous green entry. I have deleted all those entries and the issue remains the same...
  • Coming to your second question on the folder tree: That actually did the trick! The issue is solved! Was a bit easy looking at it afterwards... :wink:

Thanks a lot and greetings from Germany!

The color might be coming from one of the Files and Folders ... colors under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.

Glad it's solved, though. The reason it showed up sometimes, despite being hidden, was probably due to it being navigated to explicitly. Hidden branches will (usually) appear in the tree if something goes to them explicitly, and are then removed after all tabs are no longer showing anything in or below that branch and the tree is refreshed.

Leo, Thanks again and thanks also for all the work that you do for DP. It is a massive piece of software and the configuration options are endless! Appreciated! Marc

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