Library display

How do I force Opus 10 to display Libraries like Explorer. I have the latest version running on Win 7. this is a fresh install. Screenshots are provided to explain.

Which aspect(s) of Explorer's view are you trying to reproduce in Opus?

All of it. lets say I open a section called manuals that has several sub-sections, all the files are together, not separated by their locations. That is the way it was prior to the re-install when I had a 32 bit copy installed.

Are we talking about the folder tree (left panel) or the file display (right panel)?

From the Opus and Explorer screenshots you posted, they both seem to be showing the same things in the two folders you selected as examples, unless I'm missing something? The only differences I can see are the chosen columns, fonts and e.g. Details mode vs Tiles mode, which I assume aren't the aspects you're trying to recreate.

Are the differences you want to eliminate shown in the screenshots?

I am trying to duplicate the views from explorer in the right pane, the left pane can be a stock folder tree.
The first and last views are of the same library . the first view is what I want Opus to show. The last view is what it shows...not wanted

Turn on one of the columns like Location, Parent Folder, or Parent Folder (Full) and then right-click the column's header and choose Group.

To save that setup so it is used the next time you go into the same library, open Folder Options (see screenshot below) and choose Save -> For This Folder.

Great , THANKS , I have it sorted out