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Library Sorting

I have Libraries which I custom sort. The sorting works as expected in File Explorer, but not in DO. Any suggestions? I have attached two screenshots showing the directory arrangements. File Explorer correctly places "Heat Cals - Old" below "Heat Calcs" in the list, but DO doesn't seem to follow the rules where you can move the folders up or down in the Libraries list. Anyway to remove the Drive Letter from the end of the folders like File Explorer?

Are you using Libraries instead of Favorites?

Pretty sure I am using Libraries. I don't think I use Favorites.

I mean are you using libraries for the purpose of favorites, instead of using favorites?

i.e. To get some quick links to folders into a position in the tree, rather than to merge several folders together.

I am using the Libraries and yes I use them as links to expand the Directories in the Tree. I tried the Favorites Menu but it doesn't work as well all as the Libraries. It is strange the same Libraries display correctly sorted/positioned in File Explorer, but not in DO.

Has this ever been solved? Because DO still will not maintain the Library Sorting order? How about a way to remove the Drive Letter from the end of folder? This seems to be a case of File Explorer doing a better?

Also I have added Google Drive and it doesn't even show up at all? Left Side is DO and Right Side is File Explorer.Library order is Lower Box. Compare the two panes and you can see DO is not displaying the Libraries as well a File Explorer.

Yes, I am using Libraries. I still seems they should be displayed in the order that File Explorer does. It also seems the Google Drive should so up in DO because it is in the Library list?

Google Drive not being listed seems strange.

What's the path shown for that if you scroll down to it in the library's properties dialog?

Path is C:\Users\Joe Colburn\Google Drive

It finally showed up, but I had to restart for some reason. Any idea why DO won't sort according to the Library settings as File Explorer does? DO is sorting alphabetically, which is inconvenient.

Everything in the folder tree is sorted alphabetically, except Quick Access which is a special case.

Just curious then, why is there up and down when you right click a folder in the Library screen in DO?

That dialog is part of Windows.