Licence query / coffeeshop moment

Wondering what licence i would need to get being a single user , but using multiple machines, sometimes though not always at once ?

I found a v4.12 disk from '95 amiga days during a room tidy today :slight_smile:

But nowadays my setup is 8-12 pc's on room network ,
video edit pc , audio pc , few gaming pc's , network control pc , etc
lots switching hubs, nas drives, network shares etc

But , it's always only ever me controlling the pc's , so if I wanted to install new dopus ,would kinda licence would I be needing? ideally i would want to have dOpus available whichever pc I actually using but setup with scripting for accessing other pc's in use etc

ps. nice to see development continued after demise of Amiga days

For licensing questions, you're better off contacting GPSoftware directly. This is a user-run forum only, whilst GPSoftware do read and reply on occasions it's not guaranteed.

thanks , i was looking around for a contact address , but found here , maybe u have a link i can use?