Licence question

I'm sure this info is buried somewhere in the EULA or somewhere but I can't see it.

Like, probably everyone on this forum, I upgraded to v10 once it was released... Am I allowed to install v9 using my old certificate on my server or do I consider the v9 licence inactive if I'm using v10?

I don't do enough file work on the server to warrant another licence, but if I can legitimately use the v9 licence then it's getting installed!

No, upgrading your licence from Opus 9 to Opus 10 does not give you a free licence to run a separate install of Opus 9 on another machine.

Thanks for the clarifaction - I thought that would be the case, but I couldn't see it stated anywhere. Rubbish Win Explorer on my server for me :slight_smile:

How about leaving an old version of Opus 9 on one machine and installing a new licence on a different one?

I have two Opus licences' allowing two PC s and a laptop. At the moment I have Opus 10 on one PC and a laptop, replacing licences for Opus 9. I haven't used the second Opus 10 licence yet. I have left Opus 9 on the second (backup) machine.

I'm saving the Opus 10 licence for a new PC that I plan to build soon. I expect to wipe the backup machine as soon as the new one is fully functional – it can take me weeks to sort out all the software and data that I need on the new one. Would it be naughty of me to have both 9 and 10 in use during the transition?

You can use older versions if you want, so long as you have an extra licence (or are using the one free personal laptop licence you get with the first licence) for each additional machine.


Can I suggest that this info is placed somewhere clear (unless it is and I've missed it)?

The reason I asked the question was that, as someone who makes their money from selling software they build, ensuring I am properly licenced is very important to me. It wasn't an attempt to get something for free, purely a request for clarification.

Isn't this how upgrades always work? If you got a new license and kept the old one as well then it wouldn't be an upgrade, it'd be purchasing a new/additional licence.

It does actually say that, at the bottom of the upgrade quote page.

Another of those things we all overlook in our enthusiasm to install a new version.

Might help to quote that text here.

And Leo is correct, apart from his lapse into American spelling. (It is a "licence to thrill".)

But it helps to be explicit and to avoid the wriggle room that some will claim.

Just noticed that the cat lover hedges his bets with two alternative spellings in one message!


It was a typo, probably autocorrected on my phone at that.

The forum is really busy right now so, please, let's not get into a discussion of s vs c spellings.