License accepted, but now missing

Hello. I have 5 licenses for Opus, and have activated on 4 machines up until now. Setting up a new laptop, which would be the fifth computer running opus, I installed the program about 10 days ago (Directory Opus Pro 11.10 Build 5466 x64) and then installed the license certificate that I had saved. The license was accepted and all seemed fine, but for some reason today the license manager popped up and is showing that I only have an evaluation license. I don’t know what happened, (and there were no error messages or warnings,) but I thought I would ask for guidance on here before trying to install the certificate again. Thanks.

Reinstalling the licence is usually all you need to do.

If you still have problems, it can be caused by the folder permissions being wrong on parts of the drive, or by anti-virus/firewall tools blocking or deleting changes made to the licence files.

Thanks for the speedy reply! I have reinstalled the license certificate and will see how it goes. (Being a clean new Windows installation, the folder permissions should be okay, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed.) Thanks again.