License Screen

Hi I have just upgraded to v.10.04 64bit on Windows 7. In Preferences I have opted not to have Directory Opus running on startup but now every time I start up I am getting the Opus Licence screen come up and it stays on screen until I start Opus. I am probably not ticking a box that I should have ticked but I cannot find it. Has anyone else had this small difficulty and how can I resolve it ? Other than that, full of praise for the program.


Is Explorer Replacement mode turned on, and something launching a folder during startup which would cause Opus to launch?

What does the licence screen say when it appears? It is not normal for it to appear by itself at all unless you're using an expired evaluation certificate (or haven't installed an evaluation certificate yet). Even then, it should not appear until Opus is launched.

What kind of licence/certificate are you using?