Limit on Output of Print Folder Contents

The Problem:
Using the Print Folder Contents, when Destination is set To File, the output formats is limited to Fixed Width reporting. Any settings for report format are ignored. This is inadequate for my needs.

The required delimited Reports that I need (where fields are variable width) are only supported via in-memory processing to the Clipboard, or via scripting.

The volumes I am reporting on are in the TBs, thereby demanding high memory usage (risk that this may be exhausted by very large volumes) and risking potential loss/failure of the report due to the volatility and lack of data management capabilities using the Clipboard on Windows 7+.

Any guidance on use of scripting, or examples, to produce a report on folder (and sub folder) contents with specified file properties, in a user defined delimited format would be very helpful.

The CSV format is available for file output and should not have any width limits.