Limited TEX -> png


I've been thinking a little about an old problem.
I'd like to be able to easily write a mathematical equation using a text editor and output the result to a png .
DOpus users already have a fabulous png toolbar from Trevor Morris.

I've used an old free version of MathType prvided by Microsoft.
I can use it, but I much prefer the equation writer on my HP calculator.

I tried a Demo of MathMagic today.
It has the advantage of importing and exporting a limited set of TEX text files.
The editor itself is better than my free Microsoft MathType, but not $120 better!
My demo version incorrectly exports a visual sqrt to TEX as csqrt.

HP calculator expressions can be converted to a TEX file using a simple script.
Be it PHP command Line, 4NT, Visual Basic script, or C++ command line ,
the conversion isn't very difficult ( so far ).
And a subset of these TEX files could in theory be converted to HP calculator expressions.

It certainly would be nice if DOpus had the ability to interpret a TEX file and create something like this in png.

This was done using my freeware Microsoft Equation Writer.


I wonder if this ActiveX control (or another) which can render Latex (and MathML and some other stuff) works with the ActiveX plugin? ... eMain.html

I don't have any files to try it with.

A very welcome Hello Nudel !
Once again you're awake quite late by your time ( GMT ? ).
I can certainly provide you with some TEX text files of equations .
I'd be delighted to look into these kinds of things if you are interested.


I don't know Nudel,
I looked into it today with a few good results, but......
I don't think this is what we're looking for.

One is limited to what fonts one can use in the context menu GUI.
In the local Tex syntax of the program itself, I can't call a font I wish to use yet.
I got a background color, but that kind of thing can easily be replaced using the PNG toolbar.
I have a primative sqrt expression, but quite honestly it doesn't look very crisp and sharp, as my freeware equation did.

I still haven't figured out much on how I could possibly replicate the gif I included above.
I think we need a better and new solution Nudel .

I'm a bit trashed.
I've been looking into various possible alternatives.
The one thing I can say is that if we wish to do this kind of thing using some form of a markup language,
we may have to bring that language there ourselves.
It does seem that no two programs seem to agree on what an equation markup language is .


So the ActiveX control works but it's not very good quality compared to the other tools? Oh well. :frowning: Maybe it's written with speed in mind rather than high quality results.

What about a button which converts the selected file into a PNG via the command-line tools, saving the result as a temp file which it then launches with the viewer?

Hi Nudel,
I have a few other ideas I need to look into.
The current version of Math Type, which is the author of my old freeware EQ Writer, exports TEX.
I still have the settings on my freeware version that resulted in my example.
I need to see if a Demo of MathType can export TEX that the Active X Control can render better.

Hmmm.... while lacking the desirability of adding this to your plugin, it may be an idea worth consideration.
What you are suggesting is a good solution, but there could perhaps be more.
I don't think it's what you intended, but it almost begs the question.
Admittedly grandiose in thought, how could DOpus add the function of interpreting such a file ?
I'm thinking of a button that reads some sort of EQ mark up language, but info on Fonts , etc are specified by the DOpus function .

Well, it is a feature request thread isn't it ?
This could work well with the very simple HP calculator expression syntax.
However more is needed than that.
Obviously, just from the simple example I posted, more notation is needed.

Have a good night Nudel !
Perhaps this thread will continue.
I'm thinking on it.