Line breaks instead of dots?

I most often use the tile view in DOpus. In the tile view, DOpus cuts off file names if they exceed a certain number of characters or length, which is more than can be displayed in one line. Windows XP Explorer on the other hand displays two lines if file names are relatively long. Since I have lots of file names that are longer than one line but not longer than two lines, Windows XP Explorer displays most of my file names in full whereas DOpus cuts off most of them (apart from the one file that is selected).

Is there any way to make DOpus show me two lines for file names in the tile view?

A related question: In list view, my files with longer file names also get displayed cut off with dots at the end even though there is plenty of space behind the files names for displaying them in full.
Why is that?

AFAIK there isn't currently a way to make Tiles mode use more than one line for filenames. (Thumbnails will but not Tiles.)

You can make the Tiles wider so that wider names fit and there's an option to make the tile with focus as wide as it needs to be to display the full name, but that's it.

See this thread for the answer to that: ... name+width