Linked tabs doesn't work

Hi, I have the tab group as in the screenshot, however tab linking doesn't have any effect.
According to the helpfile, with the group as in screenshot, having the 'Incomplete" tab in the left pane and having the "Usernet" tab in the right pane, bringing the "Incompete" tab to the foreground should make that "Usenet" tab the selected one in the right pane, however that doesn't happen. selecting the "Incomplete" tab in the left pane doesn't have any effect on the right pane.

Please, what could i be doing wrong ?

Well, you only have a tab group, which is loaded, so far. Linked tabs are yet something different. You have to explicitely link them first, using the tabs menu, or use the "Go Tablink" command and save it, to make it permanent. See also!Documents/Go1.htm

abr, when I highlight the "Incomplete" item in the tab group menu, and I select the "link" button, I clearly see they are linked, but for some reason the link icon doesn't appear next to both items.

BTW, on my laptop it worked correctly. I'll try to investigate further, and post if I really can't find the reason why it doesn't work, otherwise consider this Solved.

Hmm, that's strange. Does it fail immediately, showing no "linking color" at all, or does it just "forget" the linked status, when reloading your lister?

Can you show us the lister (main window, with the folder tab group loaded into it) when the tabs are linked?

Well, seems like the problem fixed itself, after I "unlinked" and "relinked" using the Link icon/button.
Now the proper link icon appears next to the items, and also keeps showing after closing/reopening the "Edit Tab Group" window.
Seems like for some reason, it didn't stick after setting it previously.