List mode name overlap (Was: is it a bug, or my settings?)

this is what i see if i select a file, then make the lister inactive. in this pic you can see that some box around the Downloads folder is cutting into the selection highlight around the Documents and Settings folder.

the Unselected Background color is set to transparent.

it only happens in List mode in an inactive lister. i can't reproduce it in Explorer.

any thoughts? can anyone reproduce this?


What are your font settings in Opus?

Are your Windows icon dimensions the standard size?

all fonts are set to 8 point Segoi UI

icons are standard

I can reproduce this with 9 pt Segoi UI.

ok i'll submit a bug report. thanks for checking.


(Edit: Didn't see the last two replies, but the info below may help work around the problem for now.)

I played around with font sizes and found some layout issues with larger fonts. I didn't manage to reproduce exactly what you're seeing but I'm sure it's all related. List mode doesn't seem to put the right amount of space around items at certain font sizes. (Or the spacing is right but the selection rectangle is too large.)

I've just sent a report to GPSoftware so they can take a look at it.

I'm not sure but you may be able to hide the problem by going to Settings -> Preferences / Display / Colors & Fonts and ensuring the Unselected background colour for Files is set to transparent. See the pointer in the screenshot below:

haha pointer. that's funny.

thanks for the tip leo. i actually do have the Unselected Background color set to transparent for both Files and Folders already, but the problem persists...

i think it's just that the selection rectangle is drawn to big. if you select several files, then make the lister inactive, the selection rectangles overlap, and the highlight color is darker in those areas. in Details mode, the rectangle is smaller and the problem doesn't occur.

Oops, you even said that in your first post. Sorry for missing/forgetting that.

I just wanted an excuse to put up another animal picture. :slight_smile: