List of favorites as (default) folder tab

Hi Leo, Happy new year 2020. I have been browsing this topic for a while but could not get a reply from the forum. So I am asking the experts. Question: is there a way to open the list of favorites every time I open a new "folder tab". I know, I can create a new menu or create a new toolbar based on my favorites list but the problem is these cannot display my color assigned to the folder labels. See attached. I want to appear the favorites list in a folder tab exactly as the list appear in the folder tree. Thanks!

DO request

Not currently, no. Favorites can be shown in the tree or in menus and toolbars, but you there isn't currently a way to put a list of them into the file display itself.

Thanks Leo very much for your quick reply. Alternatively, can we display the folder labels (as I have customized the labels with different colors) when Favorites list is shown in menus/toolbars? So far I can see that only the DO folder tree can display the folder labels (customized with different colors) and Favorite menu shows the folder labels (with their default black colors). Thanks.

Not in the menus/toolbars, sorry. (The idea makes sense, though.)