List of things I'd like to see fixed in the next major opus version

  • When there are too many listers with too many tabs opened (60+ tabs) - restarting dopus and reloading those fails to register change notifications on any of them anymore. E.g you need to refresh to see the new filename after renaming any files. Added files don't appear until you refresh either. More info: New folder items not showing up, have to refresh

  • When a special user format is set for a specific folder or wildcard - and you navigate the same tab away from it to another folder with no format - it retains the special format from the previous folder instead of reverting to user-default format. More in: Folder formats changing in a single tab scope

  • After shift-deleting a several dozen thousand small files from a network share dopus stops navigating any folders. Cannot refresh or browse beyond what is already open. All functions not related to navigation still work tho.

Not a question. Just a reminder :wink: Delete the topic if you will. It has served its purpose.