List view drag & scroll, max col. width in list view?

NOTE: I'm almost positive from looking thru the DOPUS manual, settings, and searching the forum that these two features are not in DOPUS, so it should be safe to put them in this forum. However if I'm wrong, and there is some way to enable these two that I haven't found, please let me know.

Hi guys. I'd first like to say that DOPUS, with my limited experience so far, is almost everything I've been looking for in an Explorer replacement. I was doing my best to just be satisfied with Windows Explorer but finally decided to look for something better and DOPUS seems to be it. But being a Windows Explorer user for so long has kind of set me in my ways, and I know from reading some of the posts here, that what I'm suggesting might be frowned upon... so please accept my apologies in advance.

Okay, like I said before, I've been using Windows Explorer, well... forever. And if you haven't figured by my suggestions, list view is my default sanctuary. I completely understand that DOPUS's focus isn't that view, and the other views are much more customizable and powerful, but for me, the easiest way to look thru an overpopulated directory is list view. Every view has a purpose in my opinion, and I do use the other views, but just not as my default day-to-day.

Now, as the subject of this post reads, I'm looking for two things. As in Windows Explorer, when you select a file in list view and drag it to the left and right edges within a window, the window automatically senses that position and scrolls in the desired direction. As far as I know, DOPUS does not do this in list view. I found this post: ([url]DOpus 8 Lister not scrolling when drag&dropping inside windo]) mentioning this same dilemma, but that was back in 2004. I know drag & drop scrolling is enabled in the other views, so why not list view? As "Raisers" said, this severely limits list view for anyone who might want to use it.

Secondly, and this one is not major, but something I saw in another Explorer replacement program that I found useful. The ability to set a max column width in list view. Xplorer² has this option, and me being a list view maniac, I found it very beneficial. I work with files and folders on a daily basis, in my both my personal and business life. Therefore, I like to be efficient and quick when doing so. This is why I use list view, because it enables me to see a lot of files and folders at once, recognize their filenames, and work with them quickly. Sometimes those files and folders have ridiciously long names, and being able to limit that would be very helpful. I know DOPUS has this capability already built-in somewhere, because I see it demonstrated everytime I start DOPUS up in list view or if I navigate from a folder with a "details" format to a folder with "list" as the default. The long filenames will be cut off with "..." at about 40 characters (with default settings, Tahoma, 8pt) but once I hit refresh or navigate to another folder it resets to the longest filename width in the current folder. But of course, this may just be a bug as suggested by "nutter" at the bottom here: ([url]Hitting back puts the file list off-center]) or "pablo" here: ([url]Some possible bugs and wishes]). But I'm sure there must be some way to harness that particular bug into a usable feature instead.

Alright, more apologies, this time for the long post. I just wanted you to see that I wasn't making these suggestions without giving them some thought first. I'm pretty sure that others, just not myself, would benefit from these features. List view may not be the best default view according to popular opinion, but people do use it. The other views in DOPUS are extremely customizable, and I feel list view is being overlooked when it comes that. DOPUS, without a doubt, surpasses Windows Explorer and other Explorer replacements in so many categories, but list view seems to be the only area where it falls a little short and doesn't offer anything new. In the end, these additions can only improve on an already great program. I hope, in the future, when you're looking for features to add to DOPUS, you'll consider taking another look at list view as something worth upgrading because there will be those who will appreciate it. Thanks for all your efforts.


Hi dislate - welcome to the forums!

I don't think there's much conversation that could take place around this request. You seem to have nailed down what is missing and what you'd like to see quite rationally and with lucid explantaion and example. Be sure to post these as 'program suggestions' directly on the official GPSoft support website. The forums here are monitored by GPSoft, but they're more for 'discussing' ideas with others... use GPSoft's site to actually submit the idea to their database.