Listener not refreshing after upgrade

A few days go I upgraded to and then I began to have directory refresh problems: When I Copy, Delete, Rename or do any operation that involes a change in the directory, the listener doesn't automatically refresh, I need to press F5 to refresh the listener content and see the change. This is terrible because is continuosly leading me to do mistakes. If I rename a file, after typing the new name the file shows again with the old name and after I press F5 it shows with the new name I entered).
I have not changed any DOpus neither Windows settings, anyway I checked them again and seems to be okay (ex. "Sort newly created and copied file" is turned on). I use Windows 7 and DOpus 64-bit. Of course, before the upgrade I didn't had this problem.
Please anyone can help me? Thank you in advance.

Just to say that I have the same problem when creating or delete folders, in other word, as i previously said, any changes i do in the listener are not automatically refreshed (like if directory changes are not notified to or detected by DOpus). Any help is welcome.

Please see here: Changes to folders are not being detected

Thank you for replying, Leo. I already read that topic before posting but didn't helped to solve the problem. But I have good news, I managed to fix it and will explain how to:

After re-checking settings (re-enabling/disabling etc.) and re-booting Windows didn't solved the problem, I decided to re-install DOpus 10 so I first EXPORTED all my configuration and then I thought "What if I just re-import it?" , just did it and... VOILA! now any changes to directory/listener are again automatically shown without pressing F5 :smiley:

Any idea what could be gone wrong before? It seems like if due to the upgrade process some setting got damaged and then just exporting/reimporting config fixed the issue.

Settings don't get changed at all by normal updates. They are only modified between major versions (e.g. Opus 9 to Opus 10), so I doubt it was a settings issue.

If it ever happens again, be sure to try the debug steps in the FAQ I linked, and post your results. The debug steps very quick and easy to do, and they are included in the FAQ because they are very useful to diagnosing the problem.