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Lister closes why last tab closes


That is by design :), as it does a return false; when there are no back history.
If you don't want that to happen, try this. It will never close the last tab.

function OnCloseTab(closeTabData)
	if(( && == 1) || 
	   (! && == 1))
		if( > 0)
			var doCmd = DOpus.NewCommand;
			doCmd.RunCommand("Go back");
		return true;
	return false;

As you are pretty new to DOpus, I might suggest you try getting use to how it works. I used to have a bunch of changes that seemed like good ideas at the time,. However as I got more used to how it works I adjusted my workflow to suit and I found new ways to do what I wanted.


Correctly, in order to transfer to DOpus from Windows Explorer, I am using DOpus with Windows rules, and I am not quite sure what the most authentic DOpus operation is.


DOpus is really too powerful and flexible, I found the perfect solution in the settings, better than I thought.

I can set the mouse to double click on the background and GO UP BACK. Much better than double clicking on the tab.