Lister closes why last tab closes

That is by design :), as it does a return false; when there are no back history.
If you don't want that to happen, try this. It will never close the last tab.

function OnCloseTab(closeTabData)
	if(( && == 1) || 
	   (! && == 1))
		if( > 0)
			var doCmd = DOpus.NewCommand;
			doCmd.RunCommand("Go back");
		return true;
	return false;

As you are pretty new to DOpus, I might suggest you try getting use to how it works. I used to have a bunch of changes that seemed like good ideas at the time,. However as I got more used to how it works I adjusted my workflow to suit and I found new ways to do what I wanted.

Correctly, in order to transfer to DOpus from Windows Explorer, I am using DOpus with Windows rules, and I am not quite sure what the most authentic DOpus operation is.

DOpus is really too powerful and flexible, I found the perfect solution in the settings, better than I thought.

I can set the mouse to double click on the background and GO UP BACK. Much better than double clicking on the tab.

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I think the 'Format Lock' button, when locked, should preserve the (display window that the lock exists on) window; stopping it from closing. Trying to close the last tab would result in it converting to an 'empty tab' state.

I accidently closed my last tab just now and had this surprise.
Not sure why we would want to close our last tab anyway. But to 'go home' or revert to a default state I use the 'go' buttons instead of trying to close the last tab. I can go to the root, or drive or wherever with one click.

Format Lock has nothing to do with closing tabs/windows. It locks the Folder Format when changing folders.

Opus 13 lets you lock tabs against closing. Opus 12 can do it via scripts if you don't want to try the beta.

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Sorry, I think that I'm getting this confused with an overall lister style lock.
I won't be using the beta, this version 12 is more than enough for me.
I'm coming straight from windows explorer so all this is like opening one present after another on Christmas morning.

I saw a video on what version 13 can do and I snapped it up.
Excited to be using the Everything search tool, along with the rest of it.
Beautiful program.