Lister column too narrow


every now and then, the file list column will be too narrow to show all complete file names.


When I switch to "details" view and then back to "list" view, the column will be okay.

Anything I can do about that?


hmm... never use list view-mode so never had reason to come across this. I can't think of an option that would allow you to control this for list view. The only crappy workaround I can think to suggest is to just use details view-mode with only the name column?

Maybe a feature request would be to have additional Lister prefs controls added for non-details/power modes?

Out of curoisity, why do you personally use 'list' view rather than details? Not an "anti-list-view' ciritcism, just curiosity...

Hi steje,

thanks for your quick response.

I prefer list view simply because I get more files into the lister! Most of the time, I just don't need the details, so why list them?

With list view, I get what I need: a list of the files in the directory.


Does pressing F5 fix the width?

Either way, I think this was brought up already and is on the list of things to fix/improve.

I would use List view if it sorted the list properly and the scroll behaved the correct way. Meaning, scroll up and down rather than side to side and the sorting done in literary sort (left to right first) rather than function sort (top to bottom first). Having to scroll left and right to view a list is just completely backwards from my personal taste.

Intuitive literary sort example:

Current list sort example: ('|' marks visible area)