Lister context menu bug with grouping

Was customizing the context menus (very nice feature btw), look at my template:

Notice there is a group starting before 'New folder'.

However this groupline isn't visible on the real menu:

The reason for this is disabled 'Paste shortcut' item. If I reconfigure my template like this:

Then the real menu looks as expected:

With both grouplines visible.

Edit1: Actually it's not dependent on the state of 'Paste shortcut' item, even when enabled there is no groupline after it:

Edit2: 'Paste shortcut' of MyComputer's context menu is fine, there is a visible groupline after it. Only generic menu seems to be bugged.

What does the “Undo” item on your menu run? That’s before the group separator but doesn’t actually appear in the menu outside of Customize mode, so I suspect it’s involved somehow.

it's a standard item, Undo list was just empty at the moment so it wasn't displayed (I think it's fine).

but you are right, it seems to affect the layout, the groupline is visible when Undo item is here:

Thanks, that make sense.

The separator is really a property of the item above it, so when that item doesn't generate anything the separator gets lost.

We'll see if we can improve this so it's kept. It's a little complicated if there are multiple such entries in a row but we should be able to do it; just requires some time to work out the logic.

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We have a fix for the menu separators issue coming in the next beta.

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