Lister Filter Auto Select Content

I have started using the filter using the * key in lister display frequently now to search for files having specific phrases in it.

However, I find that when I change focus to go to another window e.g. Web Browser and come back to the Directory Opus Lister and click in the search box next to the filter, I have to manually erase all the characters entered or manually select the existing contents to write new phrase there.

Is there any way through Settings so that when I click in the search box next to the filter, it auto selects the existing phrase entirely so that when I start typing it erases the previous contents automatically. It will save extra work every time I click in the Search box.

If not, some other way to achieve the same in a given Lister to search for files will be also useful.

I am not particularly fond of FAYT in the situation I want to use as it shows all files and even with : it selects the files and does not restrict the display for showing only files having the search phrase in name which means I need to scroll through or tab through to find all files.

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We might change this in the future but there isn't an option that will change it now. You'd have to double-click the string after clicking it the first time, or push Ctrl-A after clicking it once, or activate the main lister (instead of the filter control) when coming from the other program and then push * again (which will highlight the whole string).

This is what I am doing currently and each of the other methods described also involves extra clicking or typing which I wanted to know if it can be avoided.

Looking forward to early implementation of the auto select feature for existing phrase.

I don't understand this comment. If I enter * followed by abc, I see only the files whose names contain abc .

* opens the Filter and will restrict files shown.

FAYT opens as soon as you start typing highlighting the files in entire set.