Lister filter for highlighted filetype (hotkeys and toggle functions i guess)

Hi, I'm setting up my new PC. On my old one I had a hotkey combination of ctrl+\ that filtered a highlighted file (like .jpg) to show only that type in any lister - an on/off toggle - I have forgotten how this was setup, its been years! - I'm not an expert user, thanks in advance

Set QUICKFILTER=*.(jpg|jpeg)

It will act as a toggle automatically.

If needed: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

Thank you
works perfectly

Hey Leo, it doesnt work perfectly afterall :wink:
that just filters jpg or jpeg files

I used to be able to highlight a file, its varying extension type set the filter

ie. if its a drawing then .dwg becomes the filter etc etc

Try Set QUICKFILTER=*{file|ext}.

thats it, thanks Jon

is it possible to export / backup all these customisations for future reinstalls ?