Lister Height Keeps Losing (More Than What Was Set) Pixels on Save As Default


Dopus 13.0.46

Using a Lister that is not snapped to any edges or full screen (I keep my lister about 15 pixels away from the screens edges). No Folder Tree, Single Display. If I resize the vertical height by just 1 pixel, and Save As Default, it removes 33-44 pixels. Example:

  • Starting Height = 1323
  • Resize Height by 1 or 2 pixels to make the Lister smaller
  • Run Prefs SETLISTERDEFAULTS Saving with or without toolbars, doesn't matter.
  • Close Lister and reopen
  • New Height is now 1279. 1 or 2 pixels turned into 44
  • Rinse and repeat a few times and my Height keeps dropping (1279 > 1246 > 1213 > 1180 > 1147)

This happening to anyone else?

I haven't been able to reproduce that so far.

Which DPI(s) do your screen(s) use? That could be a factor. I can try the same setup.

Is anything installed that might snap, resize or position windows in other software?

Or any scripts installed that might resize listers when they open

1 Screen running 3440x1440 at 125%

No snapping, resizing or position software.

I am using Start 11 on Windows 10 Pro AME (AME is a very heavily modified version that strips out a lot of telemetry and bloat from Windows).

It might be Start 11. I forgot I had Dopus 13 on another computer that does not have Start 11 on it. And I can't reproduce it on that computer. It's running Windows 11 Pro AME with same screen, res and scaling. I'll do some more testing with and without AME, with and without Start 11 to see if I can narrow it down.

Sorry for bring it up with out testing more.

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Thanks, and no problem! Let us know what you find and if there's anything we can try/confirm.

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Uninstalling Start 11 (with Reboot) did not help.
Disabled all Scripts (with fully exiting Dopus) did not help.

My Windows 10 is very old, 2004 build 19041 which I believe was right before they starting using 20H1, 20H2 etc. naming schemes. I tested in a 20H2 VM with installing Start 11 (even restored settings from a backup) and there is no problem.

I do remember I used to have a snapping tool but it's been uninstalled years ago. Maybe some old remanence of it is breaking it.

I also thought I had a script made by you Leo that auto resized the listers height to accomidate the Find panel but I'm not seeing it listed. Or maybe it was just code in a button that resized it. Haven't used that in years.

I did find that I don't have to resize by 1 pixel. Just resaving the Default causes the issue.

It's no big deal. I thought it was a bug that would affect others. Turns out, it's just me. No idea what's causing it. I'm not going to dig any further.

Thanks for your time.

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