Lister jumps to center screen when changing between user profiles

I am constantly switching between user accounts for testing purposes—without logging out—and every time I return to my user account, the lister, which I put on the right side of my 38in' widescreen, has been moved to the center. How do I prevent this from happening?

As this happens with an open discord window as well, it's probably not an opus issue, but nonetheless, I'd like to know if I can "lock" the position of the lister.

Windows moves windows around when the monitors change, (usually to keep them on a single screen instead of between screens). Can be quite annoying.

But the monitors shouldn't be changing like that by themselves, unless you're changing resolutions or turning screens on and off (not just letting them sleep). DisplayPort cables can often be loose (even when fully plugged in) in my experience, which could be causing a temporary unplug/re-plug when the desk vibrates as you sit down, maybe. I've had that happen.

I only have one monitor. Cables are firmly connected. Weird. I'll investigate further.

Actually, on my main account, I snap my windows into position via FancyZones of Microsoft PowerToys. The other accounts don't have PowerToys, so maybe that's why it gets messed up.