Lister Layout & File Displays


  1. Is there a way to save the layout with the toolbars, so I can have different toolbars for each lister?
  2. Can we change the location directly in the File Displays Header (ie Double-Click the header and then modify it manually), instead of going in the Location toolbar?


..not as such. But a feature added to the recent beta's can help you achieve nearly the same result. The only real drawbacks are that you would have to configure your ~normal Opus config to use the least number of toolbars you want enabled in any of your toolbar specific listers/layouts. What that means is... if your current Opus config has 4 toolbars enabled, but you have a desire for one of your toolbar specific listers to use just ONE toolbar, then you need to configure Opus to normally just use that ONE toolbar. You'd only be bothered by that when external apps open folders, whereas you can make some mods in other areas so that the normal ways you open listers yourself can take advantage of this method I've referred to. The other potential drawback is that none of these listers will be accessible to you as true Opus layouts... so if you ever launch specific layouts now through the existing menus or desktop right click menu, you'll have to create your own menus to launch these new lister commands I'm pseudo describing... I can explain more if you want to see an example.

No... you can only change the path to something already displayed in the File Display Border... i.e you can click on any of the parent directories shown in the FDB path - as long as you have the 'Enable hot paths in file display border' option enabled.

You can also use any button or hotkey (F4 by default) to either put focus in the location field (instead of clicking into it) or, create a hotkey or button to popup a custom dialog which you can then use to goto whatever path you want. You can also pre-populate such a custom dialog with the current path info if that's useful. All depends on what's motivating you to want to use something ~other than the location field.

If you want to go to a path by typing, just type directly into the file display.

If you want to modify the current path by typing, Steje's F4 suggestion works unless you've gotten rid of the location field. Shift-Return is an alternative which will always work (no need to set up a dialog).

Thanks for you answers. I used SpeedCommander for years, but now that I take some time to dig into DOpus options, I can't live without it now! I will buy a pro license for sure. It's great to see a product that being developed on an Amiga (I started doing computer programming on a Commodore 64).

  1. What I understand is that the better way is to have the same Toolbars for all my listers layout.
  2. Direct Path Entry (Shift-Return show the actual path) was exactly what I wanted!

2 more questions (sorry to put it in this thread!):

  1. I have a dual display (horizontal with 2 folder trees) and I want to maximize the active File Display (with folder tree). If I select the destination file display (bottom) and I press F6 (Set DUAL=toggle,remember), it maximize it the way I want, but if I press F6 again, my active file display is now the source (top). Also, I don't have 2 folder trees, but only one. How to maximize the active file display (with folder tree) and then return to the previous view?

  2. How can I define the folder tree width when I define the Dual Horizontal style? I know I can display/hide element, but how to specify the width?


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